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Supporter Profile: Jo Moore - Photographer to the Wellington SPCA animal stars.

Supporter Profile: Jo Moore - Photographer to the Wellington SPCA animal stars.

Jo Moore on being a photographer of animals and her work with Wellington SPCA 

Throughout SPCA Shop and the Wellington SPCA website, you may see photographs of animals you recognise if you have volunteered or visited Wellington SPCA.
Jo is a great supporter of Wellington SPCA and kindly allowed us to use these images to make the SPCA websites unique and to give a face to the animals that were neglected but now have a new start in life.
SPCA Shop is more than an online pet shop, it is a sustainable source of income for Wellington SPCA to help us save and rehabilitate abused and neglected animals.

We asked Jo to tell us how she came to be a supporter of Wellington SPCA and talk about her work as a photographer, particularly of animals.

About Jo Moore

Growing up I always felt a strong desire to help and protect animals. When I discovered photography I realised I had a way to communicate with the world all that is wonderful about animals.

Many years ago, I studied a Bachelor of Design Majoring in Photographic Design at Massey University. Over the four years of the course I managed to make ninety percent of my photography assignments about animals or conservation - much to my lecturer’s amusement. On finishing my degree I started my business Jo Moore Photographer.

I photograph everything from weddings and family portraits to corporate events and head shots but the thing I have become known most for is my pet photography. For many New Zealanders companion animals are considered family members. They make us laugh, they comfort us, listen to us without judgment and provide unconditional love.

I LOVE that people want to have professional photos taken of their pets. More than just beautiful artworks for the wall, the images become cherished memories. Each animal is completely different from the next and the intention of my pet sittings is to capture the character of the animal in a series of images.

I photograph dogs who are full of joy chasing a ball or finding the perfect stick. Dogs that want nothing more than a snuggle and a belly rub, cats that zoom around like they have overdosed on catnip and that turn their back and look haughtily over their shoulder at me.

In the case of rescue animals, capturing images that show an animal’s individual “spark” helps it stand out from all those looking for new homes. I've been helping at the Wellington SPCA for about 5 years now and it’s been so exciting to see the changes throughout this period.

The staff and volunteers at Wellington SPCA do such an amazing job, which is often heartbreaking and thankless work. How I can help is to provide professional photographic services - from corporate and event photography, to portraits for the fundraising calendar, and animals who are having trouble finding their "furever" home.

I've photographed so many wonderful events at Wellington SPCA over this time from dog walks, animal blessings, cupcake and collection days, the transformation and opening of the Fever Hospital, and a visit by the Duchess of Cornwall to name just a few.

I feel very honoured that my photography contributes to the efforts of such an amazing animal welfare organisation.

Wellington SPCA is grateful for the wonderful contribution of Jo Moore, check out her website if you need further convincing to use her for your wedding, event, or even pet photoshoot.

Our Retail Partner: Masterpet

Our Retail Partner: Masterpet

Our Retail Partner - Masterpet

Wellington SPCA and SPCAShop are very proud to have a fantastic partnership with Masterpet which in turn gives us the opportunity to offer our customers high quality, affordable pet food and animal related products!

We have an extensive range of Masterpet products available for purchase at SPCA Shop, including the well known Eukanuba and Iams brands. We also offer a large number of these products in our retail centres here at Wellington SPCA.


Masterpet generously support the animals in Wellington SPCA’s care by supplying all of their food, flea and worming needs at no cost, which as you can imagine is no mean feat. Their awesome team are also actively involved in fundraising and volunteering here at the centre, and out in the community.

When you buy your pet products at SPCA Shop you help animals in need and support the supporters of Wellington SPCA who help us to do the great work that we do.

We would like to thank Masterpet for their amazing support of the animals here at Wellington SPCA, and the work we do - we really couldn't do it without them.


Supporter Profile: EzeLeash

Supporter Profile: EzeLeash

EzeLeash Supporters of SPCA nationwide

EzeLeash have long been supporting the work of the SPCA nationwide, and here at home in Wellington. Offering a range of functional, stylish, and easy to use products, EzeLeash have added a much need product to the animal care market in New Zealand.

SPCA Shop is pleased to have the Ezeleash range available online and in-store.

The Original EzeLeash is a thing of beauty - with a bottle of their own spray hand sanitiser EzeClenze in the handle, as well as hidden waste removal EzeBags, this lead has everything you need. A quick tether action was the icing on the cake for this design, meaning you no longer need to remove and replace your dog's leash if you need to attach them to a tether point. With an ergonomically designed handle, the EzeLeash is comfortable and functional.

The EzeLeash range has expanded, and now offers a number of products including the Walk-Eez Leash, with built in EzeBags, The Splitter Arm to allow easy walking for a number of dogs, and their own EzeClenze spray hand sanitiser which is not only great for dog walking, but also handy to carry in a vehicle or hand bag.

The SPCA is lucky to have the support of EzeLeash in the form of generous donations of both product and funds. The special SPCA designed EzeBag pouches, and replacement poo collection bags are available here on  Wellington SPCA Shop (online), from the Wellington SPCA shelter in Newtown and  in Countdown supermarkets nationwide, with a percentage of sales going back to SPCA's all over New Zealand.

To see more of their products, head to www.ezeco.co.nz.

Soothfast Skin Care Supporters of Wellington SPCA

Soothfast Skin Care Supporters of Wellington SPCA

Soothfast Supporting Wellington SPCA

Soothfast Skincare are the makers of Eezapet - a 100% natural, effective topical balm for dogs, cats and small pets with itchy, dry or irritated skin.  

Having a great relationship with the SPCA right from the beginning, Eezapet was launched at the Wellington SPCA in 2014 at the annual Open Day.

"For the last 10 years I have been a Canine Carer, Relief Carer and volunteer for the SPCA. In my business role I am a director of Soothfast Skincare who are also the makers of Salveez, a skin balm for people with itchy dry skin originally formulated for our founder's daughter who was an eczema sufferer. 

 Eezapet was started for the love of a dog – my SPCA special – my allergy dog.

Coco had multiple allergies – flea, grass, food, contacts, environment - which meant in her younger years she suffered terribly with rash after rash - it was constant and I was unable to find a natural effective solution.  Having seen the amazing results our customers were achieving with Salveez, it was a natural step to explore if it would help our furry friends too!

Seeing promising results, we did further development to make a pet healthcare product. Having the experience of working with a variety of animals that had various skin concerns, I knew the problem was real and that I was not alone so we collaborated with the SPCA to do case studies of the efficacy of Eezapet.  Doing this we discovered that Eezapet activates in 5-15 minutes to relieve the itch allowing instant relief for the animal with the need to reapply at 5-6 hours. The SPCA use Eezapet to treat animals in their care and we forged ahead with our effective, fast acting, natural treatment that relieves the itch." (Heather Murphy)

Eezapet is now sold to pet owners all over the world due to its effectiveness in relieving allergies, skin rashes, hot spots and with the increased demand for natural, gentle products.  

Soothfast Skincare are proud to support the SPCA with sponsorship and fundraising throughout the year.


Wellington SPCA Shop Launches in September 2016

Wellington SPCA Shop Launches in September 2016

SPCA Shop online retail for pet products

On the 1st of September 2016, Wellington SPCA launched 'SPCA Shop' - an online store selling an extensive range of pet food, animal care treatments, flea & worming products, pet toys, collars, leads and harnesses as well as pet toys, bowls, feeding equipment and pet clothing.

The idea behind SPCA Shop was to create another stream of sustainable income for the Wellington SPCA, who receives no direct government funding. We are reliant on the generosity of our supporters in the form of donations, bequests, grants and fundraising; as well as the kindness of our sponsors who are able to provide us with food, equipment and support.

SPCA Shop has been developed to complement the current income streams of Wellington SPCA. With added income, we will be able to provide a safe place, or help, for those animals in need.

At SPCA Shop all profits are returned to Wellington SPCA to support the work we do, so with every dollar you spend, you can help an animal in need.

SPCA shop will not sell any animals online. We are committed to finding safe and secure long term homes for any animals that enter our care, and do not believe this can be achieved by us online. Like all other SPCA's, Wellington SPCA has a careful rehoming policy to ensure the home is the right fit for both the animal and the owner. If you are interested in adopting or fostering, take a look at our website for more information www.wellingtonspca.org.nz, or drop in to your local centre.

While this website is operated by Wellington SPCA, we are able to ship to anywhere in New Zealand including rural delivery locations and PO Boxes. We use Courier Post to deliver all orders and you can arrange pickups at your local Z petrol station or Countdown supermarket if it cannot be delivered while you are out. You can also select Click & Collect to pick your order up from Wellington SPCA reception - there is no charge for shipping with Click & Collect, your order number or photo ID is required for this service.

For every purchase made by a customer outside of the Wellington SPCA region, a percentage of profit is donated back to your local centre, so you are able to support the SPCA from wherever you may be.

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